“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – William G.T. Shedd


Our Approach

Business Risk provides strategic business solutions with a risk management approach. We assess and apply measures to control real risks. We have experience in operating in the most difficult places, yet we take a local and compassionate approach to our work. We acknowledge and respect community, local indigenous populations and diversity. We accept our global role to make a difference in each and everything we do. This starts with excellent services, with an understanding of respect, responsibility, integrity and good corporate and global citizenship.

Our Values

Our Aspiration

Business Risk aspires to provide ethical business and community outcomes

Our Vision

Business Risk is the most trusted business partner for global investment

Our Mission

Business Risk builds trusted businesses that leave a legacy of good

Core Values

  • Innovation through Technology
  • Risk, Growth and Challenge
  • Responsibility, Duty and Dependability
  • Passion, Service and Safety
  • Cooperation and Respect
    • Respect for place
    • Respect for people
    • Respect for tradition
    • Respect for environment
    • Respect for indigenous people

Our People

Our founder Ian Stewart has a background in developing and delivering services and outcomes across the globe. Ian has presented at several international conferences on commercial operations contributing to stabilisation in post-conflict zones, social license to operate, and community-led business models. LinkedIn