Business Risk offer its partners, clients and subsidiaries a bespoke and tailored business management system. We specialise in strategy, governance and operational excellence. We utilise technology to automate yours and our work to ensure accountability and transparency in everything we do.

Personnel Services

Business Risk has a subsidiary Business Risk Personnel

Business Risk Personnel has partnered with Pacific Risk Solutions. Business Risk Personnel is a security advisory and training organisation. Our personnel are ex Defence force members and all senior members of the Executive and Operations team are former Australian Army Commissioned and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers.

Pacific Risk Solutions ( is a Fijian based personnel provider, specialising in placement of recently retired or discharged members of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF). Pacific Risk Solutions works with Business Risk Personnel in finding suitable work and placement in the security and training industries for ex-soldiers. Business Risk Personnel has also partnered with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force in placing ex-soldiers into operational security roles. Business Risk Personnel and Pacific Risk Solutions have worked across a range of regional projects in recent years, including providing RFMF personnel to operations in Manus Island in support of Australian Government operations across the Pacific from 2013 to 2019.